Actress, Author, Dancer

Dancing my way into your hearts one move at a time!!

About me

Malaiya Ricks is an American actress and Children's book author.  She is known for her role in 2 short films as Cindy in Little Scavengers and Heather in The Young Salon Fund.  


My skills

American Actress

Malaiya Ricks was born and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. At the age of 5 she decided that she wanted to be an actress. So the pursuit began...

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Children's Book Author

Malaiya wrote her first children's book "Maria and Jessica Go To The Water Park" in 2018.

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Hip Hop Dance

You can catch Malaiya dancing anywhere...anytime! Malaiya is currently preparing for an upcoming Dance and Wellness Hip Hop dance showcase.

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Education & Experience

XXI Century Ent

Resume provided upon request

Jun 09, 2018

Hip Hop & Ballet Training

Jan 08, 2017 Commercial

Actress for commercial.

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American Soul

Background for American Soul (BET series)

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